Thursday, November 8, 2012


Looking back over the past several years of my life, I cannot keep count of how many times I heard those words. . . "Did you hear. . . has cancer". I would say some of the worst were when the news was about my own family. Watching my sweet Brother in law suffer more than he already had in his life filled with already complicated disability - AVM. The most profound memory of his journey was his realization that the end was near. That will be forever in my mind. The second most profound was watching those who loved him accept that he was gone. One of those mourners being my OTHER Brother in law who continues to fight today. Yes, two out of three sons with cancer. This sickens me, as I know it sickens you about your story. Try explaining to a 10 year old that kids get cancer too. My daughter was in 5th grade when she came home to tell me about her new classmate that wore beautiful scarfs on her head. And she couldn't come to school every day. "Mom, how did she catch cancer?" How does one make that answer make sense? Now it's two years later and this little girl still fights too. So we HAVE to fight with her. Join us. Help us raise as much as we can to help put an end to these and many other stories. DUE DATE FOR OUR RECIPE COOKBOOK IS FRIDAY NOVEMBER 9TH. PLEASE PARTICIPATE.

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